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Prefer that rates and taxes were not spent on this project. Some people aquaint any bluestone structure with historic importance and worthy of preserving.
In this case it has little going for it and I suspect that few of your petitioners would offer up their own money for restoration or the on going costs well into the future.
It is important that things of historic value be preserved but not every pile of stones in view

Hi Kevin,
Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
Your Council “rates” have already been spent at least three times since 1998, commissioning separate reports which have highly recognised this cottage’s “historic importance” and recommended for heritage overlays to be placed on it.
I would be most happy to discuss and demonstrate to you at any time, the sheer amount of literal ‘blood, sweat and tears’ that is involved in the production of “any bluestone structure“.
If “few of” our “petitioners would offer up their own money“, that would be fantastic and most certainly even exceed our own expectations.
Yes, it is very “important that things of historic value” be preserved. In the entire region south of the Geelong metropolis that the CoGG ‘inherited’ from the former City of South Barwon, with the exception of the Grovedale Methodist Church, this remnant is the only “pile of stones in view“.
To quote the CoGG’s own 2019 draft structure plan for Armstrong Creek; “The bluestone cottage to be preserved…“, taking particular note of the first word.

“I think it is outrageous that they would even consider pulling it down considering that the pile of rotting concrete near Marshalltown Station is heritage listed, more recent and un utter eyesore. Is there any heritage listing on the building, or can an application to have a heritage overlay or listing be made?”

Thanks Peter, The CoGG has commissioned 3 separate draft plans, all which recommend heritage overlays, since 1998/2000. None of them have been implemented.

“Wow! That would be a real shame! 
Our family has lived in Marshall since 1974 and certainly as kids, we grew up with, not only the Bluestone “Jail” but many other historical buildings in the Marshall area. 
Sadly, there are not many left. The Bluestone Cottage being one of them. 
My friend in Primary School lived in the old Jail and in fact, his bedroom was in one of the Cells in the smaller building at the rear of the cottage. As a kid – I loved it. I loved hanging out at his house. There is a lot of History there! 
It’s typical that large organisations could care less about Historical Buildings. They MUST be saved! 
I am all for the Widening of Barwon Heads Road – it has been talked about for 20 + years and should have been completed long before the Warralily estate commenced. 
However, I for one, DO NOT want to see any more Historical Landmarks demolished and forgotten about, especially not in Marshall. 
I and my family are MORE than happy to support you and McAteer’s Cottage Action Group to SAVE the Bluestone Cottage from demolition and have it Dismantled and Rebuilt nearby – as the Marshalltown History House, for community use and tourism. That is a GREAT idea!”  

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