Saving Marshall’s Bluestone Cottage

The MARSHALL BLUESTONE COTTAGE COMMUNITY GROUP has been formed to engage with community to SAVE and RELOCATE and potentially repurpose the building for a Marshall Community asset.

Possible location and use is within the Tennis Court/Playground precinct to provide a meeting room for groups eg; Playgroup, Gardening Club, etc and a museum/history hub informing the rich history of the Marshall area.

The state government has approved the plan to acquire land that will allow the duplication of Barwon Heads Road. In doing so the McAteer’s bluestone cottage is scheduled to be demolished despite calls from the community to preserve it.

We aim to raise awareness to the plight of the cottage and identify strategies to preserve it.

Land is to be acquired for the duplication of Barwon Heads Road. The project extends four kilometres from Settlement Road in Belmont to Reserve Road in Marshall.
Construction is expected to start this year and completed around the end of 2023.
The Planning Scheme Amendment (PSA) was published in the Victorian Government Gazette on 7 December 2020.

We are looking to the Geelong – Marshall community to stand up and show the Geelong City Council your support to relocate the cottage.

What you can do! If you support our quest to have the cottage relocated then make your voice heard by joining us.