Marshall Family

At the Marshall Bluestone Cottage Community Group Meeting, Liz Rushen, historian, researcher and author was our Guest Speaker and will shared her knowledge of John Marshall, and his brother Thomas Marshall after whom Marshall Town is named. Liz has recently published the book ‘John Marshall – Shipowner, Lloyd’s reformer and emigration agent’.

‘The Naming of Marshall Town’ by Jennifer Bantow OAM

Chapter 1             Marshall Family before emigration to Australia

Chapter 2             Thomas Mulcaster and Sarah (Sally) nee Foster Marshall after emigration to Melbourne

Chapter 3            Pastoral runs, Mount Pleasant, Norwood, Woodstock, Maiden Hills

Chapter 4            Sarah Marshall 1819-1910, in 1842 married John Morris Fisher 1814-1891

Chapter 5            Thomas Marshall Jnr 1821-1876, married twice, (1) Frances Chettle 1836-1857, (2) Elizabeth Mary Landseer 1834-1910  

Chapter 6            Mary Marshall 1823-1889, in 1843 married James Hodgkinson 1817-1892  

Chapter 7            Foster Marshall 1833 – 1918, married three times, (1) Dorcas Mary Marshall 1834-1862, and (2) Ann Victoria Smith 1839-1877 and  (3) Catherine Marshall 1856-1939

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